Tasting menu

The menus are designed for the entire table

Tasting menu “La vostra mano libera”

Compose your journey by selecting from the list of meals. The menus are designed for the entire table

5 courses tasting menu
€ 78
€ 40

Tasting menu “Passo dopo Passo”

A journey through our classics

7 courses tasting menu
€ 98
€ 50

Tasting menu “Sensazioni e suggestioni”

Expression of the moment, thoughts in motion. Eyes open on our surroundings

9 courses tasting menu
€ 140
€ 70

List of meals

€ 26

Grilled artichoke, artichoke sauce and toasted herb “pesto”
Cuttlefish in two cookings, squid ink, lemon spinach
Venison tartare, dandelion honey mayonnaise, bergamot, dill and coffee
Snails au gratin, herbs, spring onion and seasonal truffle
Roasted veal sweetbreads, chamomile, ginger, lettuce and peas

First courses
€ 28

Risotto cooked with mushrooms and tobacco stock, almond milk and “nepitella”
Penne all’arrabbiata with rosehips, parsley and anchovies
Red “gnocchetti”, fish soup sauce and sea “lupins” clams
Tortelli filled with buffalo cheese, stridoli and marjoram
“Pasta ripiena” filled with game, mushroom broth, seaweed and vegetale

Main courses
€ 34

Grilled trout, butter sauce, leaf salad and red fruits salad
Roast “Mora romagnola” suckling pig, fava beans, garlic sprouts and dark beer reduction
Grilled lamb, chopped tomato, olives powder and “italian side dishes”
Grilled lacquered eel, Jerusalem artichokes, mushrooms, barley miso and peated whiskey • €38
€4 surcharge if chosen for the “your freehand” tasting menu
Char-grilled seared pigeon, bay leaf extract and roasted onion • €38
€4 surcharge if chosen for the “your freehand” tasting menu

€ 18

Zuppa inglese “daGorini”
Raviggiolo parfait, black cherries in syrup, walnut crisp and red vermouth
“Fucsia”: gin rhubarb, almond armellina and raspberry sorbet
Vanilla flavoured asparagus, pollen, ricotta and tarragon
Campari’s marinated strawberries, peas salad, mint’s ice-cream and dark chocolate

Cheese selection and its pairings • €20
€4 surcharge if chosen for the “your freehand” tasting menu

Bread and table charge • €5

Microfiltered spring water (sparkling or still) • €3

Coffee and petite patisserie • €5